Welcome to Rentals SA Property Management

If you're looking for results-focused, stress-free property management, you've come to the right place. At Rentals SA, we understand the importance you place on communication and customer service. We also know that you expect the best possible rent return with the lowest possible vacancy rate for your investment property.

The Rentals SA property management team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing Adelaide rental properties. Your property will receive personal attention from our hand-picked experienced team, with a single point of contact to eliminate the usual run around that most landlords experience. Imagine never having to worry about the day-to-day management of your investment property ever again. That's the kind of stress-free property management service that we will endeavour to provide you when you join Rentals SA.

Rentals SA offers a number of advantages thanks to our in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of your local market. Our sole focus is Adelaide residential property management and we know it well!

Our continual commitment to ongoing staff training and our investment in leading edge technology helps us to provide the very best property management service in Adelaide.

We understand the needs of our landlords and the complexities of residential property investments. We understand:

  • that as a property investor you are focused on your bottom line.
  • even a few weeks vacancy throughout the year will impact on your return.
  • the stress, anxiety and cost that a difficult tenant can cause you.
  • unnecessary out of pocket expenses dramatically affect your return.
  • every dollar that we can save you makes a big difference to your long term return.
  • your need to create equity in your property so that you can invest further.

Most of all, we understand that you want property investment to be easy! We focus on making the management of your investment property as pain free as possible by addressing your needs and by dealing with issues promptly and professionally when they arise.

You will find our property management fees to be very competitive and our service to be second to none. We can even show you how you can switch property managers without affecting your current tenants and their lease.

Contact us today to see how our property management service can benefit you and your investment property portfolio.